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Feb. 3rd, 2010

black/white Political Poet

Longest Day Ever

Worked 11 hours today in hopes of somehow impressing my supervisor. I should have remembered that there are some people who will not be impressed and who really will never tell you, "good job," no matter how hard one works. Abusive bosses fall into that category. Instead of expressing any appreciation for my attempts to please her and do the things that she had asked, she mentioned an error I had made in signing out of the phone system a few weeks past.
As I said, there is absolutely no pleasing some people.
Now I'm off to daydream about realities in which she does not exist, there's no such thing as monstrous dictations hanging over my head, and I didn't have to face the prospect of making dinner and other household chores as well as a long day at the office.

Jan. 19th, 2010

black/white Political Poet

Posting after so long!

I signed into LiveJournal yesterday after over a year away. I cannot believe that it has been so long since I've been on here! I suppose that is what will happen when new jobs, job losses, moving, a wedding and other assorted major life events conspire to kidnap one from prior hobbies?
I feel as though I'm getting back on a bicycle. I am familiar with what to do, but the movements and exact mechanisms of being back seem so strange. Does anyone have any good gossip, I guess? It's interesting to know what friends are still out there, who is still using LiveJournal, and who has moved on to greener pastures (facebook/twitter/other blogs?).

Dec. 30th, 2008

stop destroying the planet

Recycling (in) Michigan

Now that I live in a more urban environment and am better able to recycle my waste items, including virtually all containers, packaging and paper that comes into my house, one of my biggest frustrations is when I travel to other areas where such options are not available to me. It is as painful as seeing someone throw away a soda can (OMG--you can get money for that!!). So, after learning about my mother's recent project to introduce recycling to her business (she found an organization willing to pay them to recycle--I'm hoping that she will read this and comment on who that blessed organization is), I decided to start looking into recycling options for Michigan. I discovered this website. It requires some hunting around to find the truly helpful bits, but does feature some interesting and useful information, including census data on where in Michigan there are curbside pick-up and drop off recycling programs, information on how to start business recycling programs, and how to recycle difficult things, such as packing peanuts. My favorite places on the website included the business recycling page, with its list of resources, and the state of recycling in Michigan page, with data on where one can find various types of recycling programs.
As one might expect, there are also opportunities to donate to the program, opportunities to join legislative action and one may also become a member of the organization. All in all, however, I found the site to be informative, helpful, and worth checking out. I hope that more efforts like this one will result in better recycling opportunities for folks in northern and western Michigan.

Dec. 29th, 2008

jacks smirking revenge

Lessons Learned from a Confetti Shredder

Today I learned that getting the mail, sorting through bills and junk mail and cleaning off various and sundry surfaces of the house can be quite fun when one has been recently gifted with a high powered confetti shredder for Christmas. Our mail sorter has never been more organized. *grin* My criteria? Do we really want to file this later when we could shred it today?

Dec. 28th, 2008

Two Brides

First Married Christmas

We experienced a foot of snow, sleet, freezing rain, 62 degree temperatures, 55 mph winds, and severe fog with less than a quarter mile visibility. More than just experiencing it, we drove through it all. The weather has been completely insane--going from one extreme to the other. That being said, we arrived to each of our destinations successfully, had lots of family time, and enjoyed all of it. The gifts given and received were all appreciated. All in all, I think that our first married Christmas together was happy, adventurous, merry and filled with love. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I cannot wait to see what the new year will bring us.

Nov. 24th, 2008

think I am wrong

Reasons to Consider a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

I ran across this article on weedy_tea 's Google reader today and thought I'd share. While my friends and family know that I do not agree with everything that PETA does, they do discover some interesting facts from time to time. That article (and this similar one) share some good reasons why one might want to consider reducing one's meat consumption, or at least switching to more organic or natural meat sources.

Nov. 23rd, 2008


Just Say No to Advertising

So, weedy_tea  and I are trying out something new. She found out about it first, then told me. There is a plug-in on Firefox that takes the concept of ad-blockers a step further. Instead of just replacing the ads typically found on the internet with blank space, this project, aptly named "Add-Art," replaces the ads with art pieces from modern artists. Every two weeks the art changes from the previous two weeks' selection of artists. After learning about the project and reading about it, weedy_tea  and I have decided that we would journal about our experiences.
I just added the feature to my internet browser today. What I like is that the add-on doesn't slow down my computer at all. Also, it's really interesting to see just how many places in the internet there were ads before that I hadn't noticed. I think my brain had been skipping over the ads before--noting them and moving on. However, now that the spots are filled with art, I pay more attention. It makes me wonder just how much advertising my brain was paying attention to without my realization before.
On to appearances: The art that has been chosen for this project is kind of weird, and that is coming from me, a long time fan of modern art. I like it better than the ads, for the most part, but some of it almost looks like advertising. I'm not sure if this is on purpose or not, but I do think that the choice of art is...unusual. I will be interested to see how this changes and develops. I'll keep you updated.
In the mean time, if you'd like to learn more, and you have Firefox, you can go here to read about the application.


Nov. 21st, 2008

bunnicula quote

Thanksgiving=Vegetarian Hate?

Whenever one has dietary differences, this can cause problems when she/he seeks to dine with others. I have a friend who cannot tolerate wheat products who's family refuses to acknowledge her allergy/sensitivity, and still makes her a traditional birthday cake every year. A cake, mind you, that she cannot eat. I am well acquainted with some of these challenges. I am a vegetarian, and have been for six and a half years. Though I try to be accommodating when eating with others (especially when at their homes), I have been ridiculed and criticized in the past when others have noticed that I'm not partaking of the main dish.
The articles referenced below indicate that Thanksgiving is a particularly challenging time for vegetarians and vegans, as well as some ways to seek improved family harmony. Personally, I feel like this holiday is best navigated by consuming copious amounts of side dishes (and desserts!), and letting the rest of the family devour the turkey carcass. I have a fabulous vegetarian dressing (stuffing) recipe, which helps, and am fortunate that neither my family nor weedy_tea  cooks with animal broth in hidden products (mashed potatoes).
If you'd like additional tips, check out these articles:
From Newsweek (featuring the truth about Tofurkey)
From Grist
 (This link has awesome recipes on it as well. Also, I love it's quote "Whatever increases our sense of kinship is sacrament and nutritious food. Whatever increases our sense of alienation is poison."
stop destroying the planet

The cats' new toy

The cats love playing with the laser pointer. I cannot help but feel guilty when they "catch" the point of light, however, and there is nothing there. When I put up the toy, though, they are so sad that the game is over. Perhaps they don't care, and it's just about the chase? 

Nov. 14th, 2008

black/white Political Poet

weirdest cake ever

I enjoy a creative dessert as much as the next person. I have to say, however, that were I served this at Thanksgiving, I might question the host's taste. It is the Baskin Robbins turkey cake, and it's so strange and tacky, that I almost want to order one for my family gathering.
Delightful, no?

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